Event Info

Our venue is CAMP MALUHIA which has facilities including a pool, cottages with up to 300 beds, a large indoor venue, a short walk to a waterfall with beautiful nature and more!

Here’s more info about Camp Maluhia and our current poster here: http://mysticislandfestival.com/event-info/maui-2014-poster/

The Mystic Island Festival is dedicated to building community and raising consciousness by learning about and sharing the spirit of Aloha! With inspiring offerings of music and transformational workshops, we’re coming together to activate, integrate and celebrate our healing while having the time of our lives!


We are still accepting a few volunteer applications.

We have run out of our Tier 1 Volunteer option and now have Tier 2 and Tier 3 options available for a few more volunteers. With the Tier all volunteers purchase their passes in advance ($175 for a Volunteer Pass) and then are refunded $75 of that after performing either 2 shifts 4 hours each. The Tier 3 Volunteer Option is for those mostly wanting to enjoy the weekend where you purchase a discounted $135 Pass and perform 1 shift of 4 hours. To fill out a volunteer application please  click here.


Advance Tickets are $225 for All 4 Days & Nights and includes All activities and Camping.

A lower Discounted Kama’aina price of $40 off (only $235) is for Hawaii Residents Only of any of the islands. This also includes all 4 days with camping.

There are about 70 beds left which can be reserved for $25 for the 1st batch of beds left and then when those are reserved the last batch of beds can be reserved for $40.

Kids 12 and under are FREE and teens 13-17 are slightly less than half price purchased at the gate!

We think we will SELL OUT with weekend passes this year and will probably NOT have Day Passes!

You can check back in the week or two before the event and see if we announce a limited number of Day Passes available.

All sales are final and we cannot process refunds.

Note: Passes do not include meals but we have amazing organic vegetarian cuisine with many raw food options.

Click here to purchase your passes now!

The Amazing Organic Healthy Food!

There will be offerings of delectable varieties of organic healthy meals with many raw food options! Stay tuned for updates on the food!

General FAQs

Will there be water/food/beverages available, or do we need to pack in all that we’ll need?
Bring your own bottle! There will be one or two great food vendors including raw foods/vegetarian/vegan/ also amazing healthy deserts!

How do I buy the tickets for teens 13-16 (half price)?
Those tix will be available at the gate when you show up with your teen.

I was wondering what the general feelings toward alcohol (beer / wine) is at the event and if there are there restrictions from bringing it to the camping area? is it served at the venue?
There is no selling of beer or alcohol and because of the venue (with Boy Scouts of America) has this policy and we must enforce a No Drugs or Alcohol policy. Any intoxication and drunkenness and can lead to being evicted to from the camp. Our event is endeavoring to encourage us all to find lifestyle choices leading to a joyful life without the need of intoxicants to feel ‘high’ but rather to get ‘high on life’ with yoga, music, breathing, ecstatic dance etc.

What is the Weather Like? What can I expect? There is some rain at this part of the island so it’s good to be prepared for rain as well as the temperature can get a little chilly at night.


Is there Vending at Mystic Island Festival and what are the arrangements? There is some LIMITED VENDING at Mystic Island. We are not a ‘vendor oriented’ festival per se. Our approach is that we are really only looking for people to join us that want to enjoy attending the festival as their primary reason for coming and vending is more of a secondary focus. Thus, everyone buys their Weekend Camping Pass (Vendor Camping Passes are Discounted to $175) and then for the privilege of vending their is an Additional Vending Fee to be able to vend. We only have about 5-8 non-food vendors only and our current Vending Fee price is at $175 for the next couple vendors and then it will raise up to $200 after that. In total, with current pricing if it is one person ($175 Camping Pass) + the $200 Vending Fee the TOTAL is $375. Of course each additional person also needs to purchase their camping pass.

To inquire about vending please email us at vending@mysticislandfestival.com


Although in our previous events we have at least recycled, encouraged water bottle usage vs plastic, and so forth, this year we endeavor to do more to make our event as close to a ZERO WASTE event as possible. We encourage you to bring your own water bottle and even plates and utensils if possible. Check back here for more about what we will be planning for this year to reduce our footprint and be as much of an example of how we can walk more lightly on the Earth.

Getting There:

Our venue for Maui 2014 is Camp Mulahia on the Westside of Maui. The nearest airport is Kahului (OGG airport code) and the venue is only 20-30 minutes from the airport.

RIDE SHARE: We have a Rideshare website where you can post your rideshare requests or offers:  http://www.ridebuzz.org/events-group/mystic-island-festival-maui-24751.html

Basic directions The site is located a little past Wailuku up the hill. Here’s the physical address: 3450 Kahekili Highway, Wailuku, HI

More Venue Info & Pics: http://mysticislandfestival.com/event-info/maui-2014-poster/

We will post a link for ride share as we have every year and also suggest you checking on Craigslist and posting on our event invite:


We have camping onsite but if you’re not much into camping there are nice places nearby including Hawaiian Sanctuary that offers accommodations. Please mention to them that you were referred by the festival and you may receive a small discount!

Still looking for more info?

If you haven’t found the answers on this page feel free to email: info@mysticislandfestival.com