Stuart Griggs

“Stuart Griggs is a Welsh artist currently living in Brighton U.K. With a background in Fine Art Painting & Printmaking he presents to this space a visual narrative of the Divine Form. Stuart is compelled to explore the nexus of drawing and digital art, through synthesising the two in an elegant visual language that immerses & probes into the psychic pool of collective archetypes. The work is a journey where multidimensional spaces & symbols weave together to explore and manifest the primordial & the transpersonal, resonating with our profound awareness of our unity & interconnection. Themes of sacred divinity, fertility, ritual, flow, transcendence & healing are synergising through the imagery as he allows a tacit sense of the numinous to unfold and transmit.”


Daren Minke

Darren Minke is a Visual Alchemist – he uses many different mediums to bring his visions to life.  His stained wood series began as an experiment 10 yrs ago, and has been developing ever since. He starts by finding  pieces of plywood that have interesting wood grain patterns, and then attempts to discover the images that lie within those patterns.  By applying and removing a series of wood stain washes, he slowly defines the boundaries of the visions he sees in the wood.  He will often use oil paint, photo transfers, and gold leaf to further accentuate the image.  The final artwork has the beauty and luminance of a fine piece of polished wood, which contains the image of his vision within its depths.  These visions range from divine ecstasy to dark and mythical dramas. Darren’s Digital Art uses collaged photographs to create detailed, psychedelic imagery that maintains the color and vibrance of a traditional painting.  His images have a very strong earth based, divine feminine theme.  He will often mix metaphors and symbols from different religions and philosophies to create a synthesis for a more evolved meaning.  It is his hope that these images resonate with his audience, and [...]


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